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Battery powered series

  • LED Wardrobe light ,HN-B107-400
  • LED Wardrobe light ,HN-B107-400
  • LED Wardrobe light ,HN-B107-400
  • LED Wardrobe light ,HN-B107-400
LED Wardrobe light ,HN-B107-400LED Wardrobe light ,HN-B107-400LED Wardrobe light ,HN-B107-400LED Wardrobe light ,HN-B107-400

LED Wardrobe light ,HN-B107-400

  • Product description: Built-in high-quality lithium battery, easy to install, multi-purpose sensor lights, widely used for Cabinet、Wardrobe、Wall、Corridor lights, Emergency lighting, product model HN-B107-400


*High bright, high sensitivity, low power consumption, long operating life, energy saving
*Aluminum alloy housing, good quality and high fashion
*Easy installation, no wiring, no screw needed; Magnetic base, magnetic fixed
*Adopting the environment illumination recognition technology: daytime and night mode
*Using advanced PIR sensing technology, the LED Motion Sensing Lights will automatically light up or light off when body enter or leave the sensing area.
*The LED Motion Sensing Lights can be used in bedroom, bathroom, kitchen, corridor, attic, wardrobe, etc.



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